Webhost won't let me create a MySQL DB user


my webhost won't let me create a database user for owncloud, but owncloud 10.0 needs it. when i type in my normal database user owncloud says that i dont have the rights to create a new user.. well so i tried the steps provided in the documentation for creating a temporary admin acc:

"sudo mysql --user=root mysql

CREATE USER 'dbadmin'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'Apassword';


but MySQL Shell says that "sudo" is no command.

I asked my webhost if they can create this "dbadmin" user for me, but they won't because of security reasons.
so what is the solution? whytf owncloud needs an extra user?

my webhost told me that many of their customers use owncloud with their normal db user name that my webhost provides. i run in circles..

Looks like this is an known issue:

thank you, but that is version 9.1 and i'm using version 10 - so this means that problem still isn't solved?l
where can i get an owncloud version where this problem didn't occur?

If you click on the second posted link (the github one) you can see that the issue is in the Open state. This mostly means yes, this is not fixed (it would be in the Closed state in the case it is fixed).

Why do you think this had worked in the past? Maybe this issue exists since the beginning?

because my webhost told me they have many customers running owncloud. so either they found a solution that i couldn't find on the web or they're running a different version.

they said "we don't know why owncloud wants to create a db user" - so they didn't hear about the problem before.

i found owncloud version 8 here:

i try this one and will tell you what happens..

well it seems to work with version 8 because it accepts my default db user name. but now i'm facing an other issue: it says my data directory is invalid and i should check if there's a file named ".ocdata" in the data root directory. and yes it is and the permissions are set correctly too.