What happens to files created by a deleted user in a shared folder owned by another user?

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As titled, what happens to files created by a user A in a folder owned and shared by second user B, when user A gets deleted?

We have an OwnCloud instance with a main user that shares some folders to other users.
These other users can create, modify or remove files from the shared folders.

We need to delete one of these users, but we do not want that all the files he created in the shared folders owned by the main users get deleted too.

No problem for his own data folder.

Consider that all shared folder are also server-side encrypted (although I do not think this may influence the situation).

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You can use transfer-ownership occ command, look at from here. https://doc.owncloud.org/server/latest/admin_manual/configuration/server/occ_command.html#file-operations

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Hi karakayasemi and thanks for answering.

The documentation of the command states the following:

 files:transfer-ownership   All files and folders are moved to another user
                        - outgoing shares are moved as well (**incoming shares are
                        not moved as the sharing user holds the ownership of the respective files**)

Does this mean that if the user I want to delete has created files into another user's folder - which has been shared to him - these files are not going to be deleted as they already belong to the share owner?


Yes, because they are in the shared folder owner's storage.