What happens to the uploaded files and existing users if I upgrade owncloud free version to enterprise version?

I have been using owncloud free version for a long time and have lot of files uploaded , shared with existing users (I created these users as an admin). I plan to upgrade to enterprise version, I want to know if the current setup will be disrupted due to the upgrade or will the upgrade be seamless allowing me to continue on the enterprise version from where I left on the free/community version.

Waiting for a reply .

You know this is a user forum here, right? I would suggest asking the enterprise guys directly.

Have a look at this:

Basically the ownCloud community server and the enterprise server are the same.

In ownCloud enterprise you get more apps and features, mainly for enterprises, like security and stuff.

If you upgrade from community version - the files and users and shares remain. Nothing get’s lost.

If you want to get more information about ownCloud enterprise, feel free to send a message here:



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Thank you Dmitry , this info is helpful !