What happens when deactivating users


Can someone tell me what happens if I deactivate a user?
I know this user can’t log in, but what about sharing with other users, can another user still use them?
What about the e-mail notification for this user, does he still receive it?

Thank you

Yes. Only the login is stopped, so this user can’t do actions anymore by himself.
Disable is meant as a temporary mechanism with the goal to not interrupt operations but disable actions by such user. As shares with such a user are not hurting anybody and we would have difficulties to decide what to do when a share is done with a group which includes the user, this seemed the best way. Administration has to decide how to deal with such users and iniate oc:transfer or other means followed by a delete (which can’t be undone).

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Great, so I can use that right now.

Many thanks for the quick answer

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