What happens when license expires on Enterprise edition?

Good day,
our corporation is using ownCloud Enterprise, although it’s usage is very low; hence from that started a question, if it is even feasible to extend the quite expensive license and what are our options. Overall there are two main questions:

  1. What will happen when does the license expires? Will there be some sort of basic functionality be kept, or will just the whole thing sort-of freeze until the license is renewed?

  2. Is it possible to downgrade from Enterprise to Community edition, ideally with LDAP auth function?

Thank you for info and reply.


maybe Enterprise to standar already partly answers your question?

If not then i think you could contact the people from owncloud.com to see if any documentation about this available as from what i know most users reading this forums are using the community edition and probably can’t answer questions around the enterprise edition. :confused:

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