What is everyone here using for persistent storage?

Hello everyone,

Getting a sense of what best practices (what everyone is using and can recommend) are (if any) on persistent storage. I’m currently using some pretty hacky methods of trying to persist such as syncthing (volumes-from), to glusterfs + mounting when container comes up. However both are pretty complex beast, I was was thinking of just setting up a NFS store on a persistent server and use some type of NFS volume driver?

Any input would be nice.

PS, I have heard of torus and flocker but they seem to be overkill for such a simple task?


your posting is really hard to understand. I guess you are talking about running ownCloud in a docker.

Starting with the official documentation https://doc.owncloud.com/server/admin_manual/installation/docker/ where it reads

Copy docker-compose.yml from the GitHub repository
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/owncloud/docs/master/modules/admin_manual/examples/installation/docker/docker-compose.yml

In this default configuration volumes are stored “internally” in the docker directories.

Assuming you have got the directory /mnt/somedevice/owncloud/data on your file system where you want to store your ownCloud data then you have to change the line

  - files:/mnt/data


  - /mnt/somedevice/owncloud/data:/mnt/data

and re-run docker-compose

The mount point above could be a bare disk, LVM, NFS, whatever meets your requirements

Don’t mess around with any other tools, use this variant.

(see, a fellow poster solved the same issue Configure ownCloud/Docker install to use external/local disk instead of Docker volumes)

Repeat this for redis and/or mysql directories if required.

Basically search the internet for docker volumes, since this is rather a docker than an ownCloud issue.

I got this on my own first of all n then i got the solution u gave so i appricitate it,…