Where are selective sync choices stored?


I am using latest owncloud desktop client (2.9.1) under Windows 10 . Everything works fine, but I am wondering where are the “selective sync” choices stored?

I mean: I used the checkboxes to unselect some folder / subfolders. It works fine but I would like to know where those settings are stored. It seems it is not in the owncloud.cfg as far as I can tell.

The reason why I would like to know this is: I have a server failure and therefore the client shows “no connection to owncloud at…” which is expected, ok. But as the same time, all the details about what was sync are grayed, such that I cannot see which folder I decided to sync and which I decided not to sync.

I would like to recover this “selective sync” choices that were made when the server was working, in order to proceed correctly to the recovery process.

So, 2 points:

  1. Where are the selective sync per account stored on the desktop PC?
  2. Could it be possible in future versions to still show this information on the GUI even when the connection to the server is dead?

Thanks in advance for your help!

They’re stored in the SQLite database file in your sync folder.

No, this feature in the current form will disappear sooner or later. Successor probably won’t have thus flaw. Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks a lot for your answer, this has been quite useful to me.

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