Which file behind download logfile button?

Hi !

Just a simple question (owncloud v9.1.0 stable)... I don't really understand which file is downloaded while i'm connected as superadmin in administration panel and click on "download log file" under log section

My web browser start to download +10Mb owncloud.log file, but when i search for owncloud.log file in ssh on my owncloud server, i find only this :
/var/log/owncloud.log ==> empty file 0 byte
/var/www/owncloud/data/owncloud.log => 4176 bytes

I didn't find any log rotation file (such as owncloud.1.log....)

Could you please help me finding this log file ?

Thanks ! :slight_smile:


the download button is downloading the owncloud.log placed within the data directory of your oC installation. The datadir itself is most likely:

(No one can guess the structure of your installation)