Who has Owncloud 9.1.6 vhdx or vmdk download link

In other topics I find ownCloud 9.1.5 vhdx amd vmdk download link。

Although https://download.owncloud.org/community/production/vm this directory can not see the file inside

In fact as long as you know the file name such as Ubuntu_14.04-owncloud-9.1.5-1.1-201704201507 can download

I can't find owncloud 9.1.6 full file name,so the file name just like this Ubuntu_14.04 owncloud-9.1.6-1.1-2017-date-time.vhdx,who has the full name?




I think there is no 9.1.6 appliance anymore, only the Univention ones for 10.0.3 linked at https://owncloud.org/install/#edition

yes,thank you.I found that I use owncloud 9.1.5 to upgrade directly to owncloud 9.1.7.apt-get update && apt-get upgrade