Will someone give me some suggestions for tuning a low power consumption server? Much appreciated!

Gotcha! I was doubting whether the memory size should be the one to blame, now I get another positive answer on this! The free memory is only 4M or so, and it uses the swap for around 120M. Yes, it might be the problem of the memory~ Then no way to solve it :frowning:

if you want to reduce everything to an acceptable range, I'd suggest to run "mysqltuner" or similar scripts.

you can also limit the http-sessions in apache, as far as i can remember it was "MaxRequestWorkers XX", where xx is an integer-number (id say use 10 or even less).

Thanks. But I'm not using the Apache, I'm using lighttpd to support http and https, and I have limited the php-fpm to 3 children, which is the minimal. The memory is the problem. I'm considering syncthing for the server now.

sadly ive overseen this point, sorry for that.

nonetheless, you can limit php's (and php-cli, /etc/php/7.0/apache2/php.ini) memory usage by adjusting the following setting:

memory_limit = 32M; value is in MegaBytes (or X-Bytes)

and of course by disabling all unecessary stuff like mods and stuff :wink:

otherwise there's maybe an improvement in your server-bios to be done? overclocking (etc)?

Please note that it is strongly discouraged (and even unsupported) to run ownCloud on lighttpd for the reasons discussed here:

Please consider to move to either Apache + mod_php (the only official supported setup) or nginx + php-fpm (community support).

Yes, I've done that.

and, what might be useful as well, is to install archlinux as a minimal installation.

check this thing out here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Improving_performance

Oh thank you, I didn't read this. I will read that carefully now.

Btw. some additional notes:

this is a known limitation of ownCloud.

This is highly discouraged to use that https://github.com/owncloud/client/issues/331#issuecomment-195773771

More important here is to use redis-based file locking (see doc.owncloud.org)

Thus syncing lots of small files should be a problem on owncloud, right? Hmm... That's what I really need.

well, ive been using this setting (innodb_flush_log...) for a while, and havent had any issues so far... and yes, I have quite a few installations running.

but nonetheless, always give yourself that worst-case-scenario where you might be in need of any backups.

BACKUP: /var/www/.../owncloud/data + mysqldump + /var/www/.../owncloud/config/config.php, and youre fine :slight_smile:

Yes. There is currently a development ongoing to bundle small files and upload them in one rush:

Seems the plugin / extension is targeted for the next major release 9.2 of ownCloud planned for February next year:

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That's so great! I read the documentations, 128M RAM just meets the minimal requirements, so it shall run, but I should not expect a higher performance on it, right? BTW, I only use this myself, so it's a server with only one user, will it be good for that?

Thank you so much! I read that thread saying that setting innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit = 2 will tell MySQL to write the log every second rather that real time, does that mean I still need to back up those files?

never ever ask if backups are useful ... :smile:

even when your chances to have a super-gau (or in english: MCA - maximum credible accident) are going towards 0%, you're always glad to have it when you need it... trust me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Gotcha! That's true! I will remeber that and execute a backup periodically

Well, you could swap out the existing disk for a SSD. That would make the memory latency on par with your installed RAM. This assumes of course that you increase your swap space significantly. The other option is to install the SSD in addition to your existing HD, and reconfigure your OS to use the SSD as swap.
I am also assuming that if you add another disk (e.g. a SSD) that it would be through the SATA connection and NOT a USB port. Adding it to a USB port would make the situation much worse.
Good luck

Thank you for your idea! I will try that, too!

120MB of RAM? What kind of machine are you running?

A Seagate GoFlex Home, it's an ARM-based machine and consumes less than 20W at full load.