Windows Share External Storage Failed after update to 10.0.10

I updated my owncloud server last night from 10.0.8 to 10.0.10. Everything updated fine except I have an external storage mount to a windows network share. This has worked fine but upon updating it started failing. On the client I was receiving “csync failed to access” error. Later it also started reported unable to get file list.

When i tried logging into the web interface it said some of my external storage connections were unavailable and it showed in RED on the folder list.

If I go to settings for the external mount it shows a green circle. I looked on the windows server it is attempting to access and the security log is reporting a bunch of unknown username or password errors from my owncloud server (with a blank username in the event). I attempted with both saved credentials (how it was previously configured) and entering a username and password. If I enter a username and password it no longer shows red in the web interface, but the folder contains no files.

Thankfully I had made a checkpoint prior to updating so I just rolled the server back when I was unable to get it working. Immediately after rolling back everything is fine again, so it is definitely something that had changed after the update.

Is this a known issue? I didn’t see it listed in release notes. Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas on what could be causing this or how to fix it?

Thank you.


can you try to change the authentication method and see if anything changes?

I did try changing to username and password, when I did the error seemed to go away on the web interface, but the folder was empty.