Wrong Update link?

When I log in as an administrator, I get the message that a new version 10.0.8 is ready for the update. Click on this link, but will I not get a download for 10.0.8 but my own current version 9.x? Does this mean that there is no compatible version for me yet or what do I have to do to install 10.0.8?

If you are the admin of your ownCloud, upgrading should be done manually with the tar.ball. Update via web is prone to errors.

also, a few infos about your setup would be helpful to fix your issue.

It’s like “Then I turn on the Switch it does not work”
What Switch? Where? What does not work? How do you turn it on?

We need information about your setup, that’s why there is always a template that people delete and then write 2 -3 sentences and wonder why no one is helping them.

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i’ve noticed something strange with this templates which i have documented in the post below. It looks to me that the template isn’t showing up if you type some text before choosing the correct category. This could explain why the template is missing in so many posts.

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Uhh, that’s not good. Thanks for noticing, I will ask the marketing people to fix this.