Yellow banner and lost data

I’ve got this yellow banner on top of the interface. Last night I synced my photos with my instance and nothing got uploaded but all photos are gone ! Erased !

What happened ???

Unbelievable! :astonished:
However, you could tell more if you like, eg fill out the template or at least tell exactly what you’ve done.

BTW, there are tons of information around regarding the integrity topic.


Yeah I took a closer look at it. The docs say that index.php and version.php have mismatching versions. I’m not sure how’s that possible given that I haven’t touched those files since installation.

Then somebody else touched those files.

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Doesn’t matter anymore. I copied the latest version of both files from Github onto my instance, which triggered an update. After the update the banner disappeared. I hope now I can use my instance reliably.

I want to test it for a long shot because if Owncloud turns out to work reliably I’ll start using it for business as well and start donating to support development.

I started taking snapshots of my server just in case. Thankfully, I lost only photos.

OK, so I’m officially kicking OwnCloud to the curb as my photos got erased again due to the error in code integrity. I can’t work with something unreliable. I tried all the steps in docs and no avail. Will try different self hosting solution.

You can’t blame ownCloud when it’s telling you already that someone has touched the code files. Basically, you’re running code different than the one ownCloud packed, so ownCloud doesn’t have any responsibility about possible malfunctions.
There could be cases where this is fine, but it needs to be evaluated case per case.

You need to find what files have been touched and how are they being changed. Code files must NOT be changed unless ownCloud approves those changes.


@coding_hedgehog Very unfortunate, but it’s rarely ownclouds fault. However, it’s still unclear how and for what reason owncloud should be capable deleting your photos.

Fetching those files from github is not the best idea. A good practice is extracting the files from the tarball of the EXACT version you have installed.



this together with the “lost data” sounds to me like a malfunction harddisc / filesystem or similar which is out of the control of ownCloud.