10.0.1 upload speed

Hello, I am running 10.0.1 on hyper-v Ubuntu 17.03 and cannot go over 30MB/s uploading one or multiple files for both app client and browser . Smb LAN test shows 105MB/s. Server based on local network

Can you reproduce that with other VMs?

Hi, yes, the same problem with another machine- one 2008R2 second 2012

So it's not an owncloud problem but A hyper-V problem? :slight_smile:

The same problem with another Hyper-V machine- the same owncloud child but different server (hardware)

Can you try virtual Box or another virtualizer?

I think in Hyper-V there is some expert settings to configure data transfer

Hi dmitry,
I nmeed to run it on Hyper-V, I just checked upload over webdav mapped to my Windows pc and it run 130MB/s
so must be something wrong with drag and drop over browser

actually not true. When 99% server start uploading-processing. This takes ages.
I've built owncloud locally thought it will allow me to upload files very quickly. I could just go for any gdrive or onedrive. It is still not ready for professional work.

So to sum up your problem:

owncloud in Hyper-V does not upload fast enough. Via Browser (which one?) or Sync Client?

If you build owncloud locally ( on your server I assume ) It goes fast, or not?

upload is NOT fast enough on chrome, firefox, edge, sync client.
It is run locally. 7 Hyper-v servers are 2 floors below me, another 3- next building.