10.6 to 10.7 docker upgrade

is there a procedure to upgrade from 10.6 docker to 10.7 docker?
Or just change the image?

As far as I remember, when the start image is changed, ownCloud recognizes it needs to run the occ upgrade command inside the container and does that. Once that is finished, the upgrade is done.

However that is impossible to be 100% fool proof. So if you have custom apps installed, deactivate them before switching.

If there is an error message read it carefully, it usually tells you what to do.
Otherwise post it here and we can have a look.

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is there a guide eventually?

If there is something missing from the documentation, you could create an issue in the docs repository:

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can’ find anything about upgrade

when I enter “owncloud docker upgrade” into my favorite search engine, the first result leads me to



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