2 errors since version 10.13

My english is not good. I translated the text for you via Google.

I have a problem with ownCloud 10.13.2 (stable)
I previously had version 10.9, which couldn’t be updated to the new version by itself. So I installed the latest version and then copied it into the same directory where the previous version was. Then it worked and I can log in again.

So far so good. But I still have 2 errors.
If I open JPG, PDF, MP4, it works, for example. When I try to open docx, I get this message:
Forbidden: Encryption not ready: multikeydecrypt with share key failed:error:04065084:rsa routines:rsa_ossl_private_decrypt:data too large for modulus

I also installed OwnCloud Sync on the laptop. Logging in works, but then the message comes up saying that it can’t sync
Error message: Error receiving folder list from server. Error transferring www.domain/remote/remote.php/dav/files/admin - server replied: Forbidden

This will hardly result in a functioning ownCloud instance.

I don’t know what this means, but it looks serious.


So how can I fix the errors

Or if not, how can I transfer the data from this cloud to a cloud that has been newly installed from scratch without having to download and re-upload all the data first.

Can someone please help me with this issue.
It would be great if I could fix this quickly.


i don’t think that copying over an new installation (probably with a new database) over an existing installation will ever work and will completely break :frowning:

I think in this case the instance should be reverted to a previous backup (hopefully done before) and then a correct update by following the documentation provided by the ownCloud people should be done:

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