400 Bad Request - can't connect with mac desktop client

I’m using the mac sync client and when I try to connect to the server I get the following error:

Failed to connect to ownCloud at http://[domain]:[port]: Server replied “400 Bad Request” to GET http://[domain]:[port]/status.php

I’ve set up the domain at dyn.com. I’m pretty confident about doing this since I have a filmmaker server running and it’s working fine.

I’ve also done the port forwarding in the router to the machine that’s running ownCloud.

I’ve also added the [domain] to the approved domains in the config.php file.

Is there anything else you might suggest to help me make the connection?


even i am waiting for the suggestions

Please, confirm you can access with a browser using the same url. The only reason I see for ownCloud to throw a 400 for the status is that you’re accessing from an untrusted domain. You should see the error page.

BTW, I guess you’re still checking things, but accessing to ownCloud from the outside via HTTP (and not HTTPS) is a really bad idea. Just saying.