500 internal error occur and also still presist after changing Maximum upload size in owncloud web interface

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I am facing problem with owncloud file upload size. Today i updated "> Maximum upload size" in admin of owncloud but after changing this my website is down and it's showing 500 internal server error found. So i am not able to change that parameter back. Please suggest me "How can i get back my site live with owncloud ?"

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See the following what do to / whats needed if getting such an error

We will be able to help you if you provide enough information.

i just changed the upload limit from 512MB to 4GB by admin portal of oc and after it i got this error 500 internal server error page.

No logs no help, please use the issue template :yum:

i got this error since i changed the value of file upload size in admin panel from 512MB to 4GB.

i am also sharing you data/owncloud.log file.ownCloud.log (5.3 KB)