9.1.0 upgrade revised links

After upgrading to 9.1.0 from the version before 9.0.4 (9.0.3?), my links have been revised. The info, including the RewriteBase was stripped out of my .htaccess file. I was able to restore that info in the .htaccess file but all shared links have been changed. Any idea why that would happen? Upgrade was completed via command line using occ upgrade. I'm running ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS, php 5.5.9, mysql Ver 14.14.

There is a new way to enable index.php-less URLs in oC 9.0.3+:

I am very familiar with that thread as I had to reconfigure the htaccess rewritebase and my overwrite.cli.url in the config.php file after 9.0.3.

I'm puzzled over how that info got stripped out of my .htaccess during the upgrade to 9.1.

If both settings where configured before please report a new issue to:


Seems it is already reported here: