A few files will not Sync between computers

Good day to everyone! I have installed the client on 2 work computers to share files between them. Each computer has its own Owncloud login account and they share the main files between them. All of my files Synced, minus 11 files in 2 directories, even with other files in those directories syncing (Meaning its not the folder, but the files). I am not sure why these specific files are not syncing down.

These are the steps that I did to see what was going on.
1.) Logged into the cloud client via web-browser. The files were in the first computers directory and in the cloud.
2.) Logged into the cloud client via web-browser on second computer and the files were not there, just like the computer.
3.) Installed the newest updates for Owncloud to see if that was it, and rebooted both machines. (Owncloud version 2.2.3 on windows 10)
4.) Renamed the files to see if this would allow it to sync.
5.) Made copies of the files and inserted them again.

We have had problems like this before and when we renamed the files it seemed to work, but in this case, they are not. The files are all in the 100kb and lower range so it is not a file size that is causing it, and it is various file types, from xls, word, rtf, etc.

Please help, as we are stuck and cannot figure out why 1 computer is not pulling various files down.

Which version of ownCloud do you use?
Encryption app, external storage?

OC v 9
No encryption

Please check the server side ownCloud log file if you see any messages about files being locked.

Closing due to the lack of feedback / info.