A few questions


I will be happy if you have useful advice for me. How do I configure my ownCloud to following tasks:
1. How do I automaticaly delete a user and all files if he has not logged in for more than 1 month?
2. Is it possible to make all upload files like as public downloadable by default by a direct link?
3. Is it possible disable a bar on iOS mobile web-site with link to ownCloud application?
4. Can I make an admin receive a email when the user upload the file?



I would recommend you reading the ownCloud documentation.
Many of the questions you are asking are answered there.


you could make something with the output of this command with a cron job.

All your files by one link or all files each have a link?
Anyway, I don't think so. What would be the goal?

Can you provide a screen shot of that bar?


Thank you!

Sorry, I novice, and can't find this questions when search it. :frowning: Thank you!


No worries mate. Glad I could help you out

I have a few new questions :slight_smile:

  1. I make new user by command

occ user:add --group clients --email user@host.com stan

I'm expect, then for user will set group and email. But then I go to admin panel - I see empty group and email, and need handmake it. :frowning: It's a bug, or my misunderstandings?

  1. On mobile web-app, on login page, I see a field "Password", and arrow "Right", indicating login. I'm expect, when user input password on screen keyboard, and press virtual button "Done" on iPhone virtual keyboard, login process will begin. But "Done" only hide keyboard, and user need click a "Right" button on ownCloud login form. Can I change it? I