A quick update from the Documentation Team

Hi folks,

with this short post we would like to give you an update what has been happening with the ownCloud documentation over the past months and what’s planned for the near future, especially with regards to ownCloud Infinite Scale.

In spring this past year, we - Edith and Martin - two freelancers, started taking care of the ownCloud documentation. Of course our main task is content. But as the new server product, ownCloud Infinite Scale, is emerging, a structural make-over of the existing documentation site was necessary to nicely integrate an ownCloud Infinite Scale manual with those for ownCloud classic and the clients: Desktop, iOS, Android, ownCloud Web, ownBrander. So, besides documenting changes and new features for our existing products (e.g. MS teams integration, ICAP, Splunk, Metrics, etc.) and those on the horizon (ownCloud Infinite Scale), we set up a new repository structure on GitHub. Now all manuals live in their own repositories, separate from the software to streamline doc generation processes. This task is now finished, only the web https://doc.owncloud.com/ still needs adjustments. One site to serve all the guides.

We did important ground work and now we can focus on content creation. With ownCloud Infinite Scale, a lot of documentation work still is to be done. Fortunately, our developers already provide a good base with their developer documentation at https://owncloud.dev/ on which we, the documentation team, can build.

To give you an impression what’s been happening in the docs, here are some numbers regarding GitHub activity over the past months: 1,262 merges during approx 186 working days which boils down to about 6.8 merges per day for ownCloud 10 and the clients.

If you would like to join our doc team, make suggestions or contribute once in a while, come visit us at ownCloud Talk!

Edith and Martin