Ability to Delete from the Search Results Screen

I can be a bit forgetful, and set up a new client and forgot to add the Exclusions in order to make sure that some files (Specifically PaperPort 11 Thumb files) were not uploaded to the Server.

I searched for the items in ownCloud, using a pattern and found them all. However, there is no way to delete them from the search results screen.

I would be great if the same checkbox (and checkbox "all") could be added to that screen, so I can delete items that have been found. Otherwise I have to go in to the search results one by one to delete them.

I have learned in the past not to muck around with the File System or MySQL database, so would be good to have a UI option that supports this :smiley:

Many Thanks,

The Client through the file browser as well as many WebDAV Clients can do this. Still also needed in the Web UI?
If so, please open a issue in github in /core as feature request. Sounds generally like a good, but potentially risky idea.