About LDAP account login owncloud problem



About LDAP account login owncloud problem.
LDAP docking has been successful, search for groups and users are all correct. However, I can not use the LDAP account login owncloud, because I found owncloud landing "," user name "" is a string of characters displayed instead of my IAM account. This question should be how to solve it?
Thank you.


Questions added:
Now, I can not use the "Username" landing owncloud, because the "User Name" is displayed incorrectly

At the same time, you can not use owncloud the "full name" for landing, although it is displayed correctly.


Hi @garywu

Have you tried to set 'uid' as internal user attribute in the Expert tab and clear the mapping?

Cheers, davitol


thank you for your reply. I have now found the problem, but in my ability is unlikely to solve it.

 The problem is that "" landed property "" LDAP filter error codes value, causing the user can not be normal landing.

I now share the next (second screenshot) correct "" user "" tab in the LDAP filter parameter, I hope you help me to write a correct "" landed property "" tab of the LDAP filter code, very thank!

"" user "" tab in the LDAP filter parameter: (|(objectclass=person)(objectclass=radiusprofile)(objectclass=top))