About multiple owncloud in single server

I want to install multiple owncloud instance for different clients from a single ubuntu server ? How can I do that ?

Configure your web server to expose the separate owncloud folders as separate web servers, and configure each owncloud folder to use a separate database.

Thank you for your reply. But how can I "Configure my web server to expose the separate folders as separate web servers"?

Depends on which web server you're using. Are you using Apache? Something else? Ultimately, you'll need to consult the web server's documentation for this.

Yes, I am using apache server on ubuntu. I also created virtual host, but don't have idea how to access that virtual host.

You can either access them based on a location (http://www.url.com/oc1) or a subdomain (http://oc1.url.com) with apache.

You need to show your configuration in order to get help.

The apache2 docs are a very good source for that.

Thank you, I did the same and it worked.