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as some of you may have noticed, around the ownCloud 10.0.0 release there was a bit of confusion how "stable" the version is, especially the package installed versions. The reason for this is, that they are confusing the stable release channel with the production release channel. You can read our policy for release channels here:

This post is only about the owncloud packages. For the sake of completeness: next to the owncloud packages, which contain the full ownCloud + apache, mysql and the necessary php modules, we also offer owncloud-files packages, which only contain the tarball. Don‘t confuse them :wink:

Some people, who had installed ownCloud 9 via the stable channel with activated auto-updates, had problems with the upgrade to 10.0, as some apps would not work or other upgrade problems came up. To ensure the integrity of your installations, we decided to switch the stable release channel back to 9.1.5; whoever wanted to install ownCloud 10.0.0 via the packages could just take the /10.0/owncloud packages, as the problems only arose with the upgrade.

In the meantime 9.1.6 is released.

As always, please upgrade to your latest version (9.0.10, 9.1.6 or 10.0.2) now. If you follow the stable release channel, your latest version would be 9.1.6.

We are currently thinking about changing the name of the stable release channel to "fresh", to avoid misunderstandings. Until then the "stable" channel will remain on 9.1. We will probably have made a decision at the 10.0.3 release, which is to be expected still in June.

What do you think about this? Is this a responsible way to handle this situation? What should we do about this? Give us your opinion!

Community Managment

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This definitely sounds like the kind of issue the code should be handling. Please do not call version compatibility issues "training issues"! That is such bad thinking.

The term stable is well known in software development. Of course, users expect that stable really means what the name says. Even if this might be between difficult up to impossible to achieve for OC, renaming stable with fresh is IMHO not the best idea.

I'll always prefer stable software in front of a fresh one.

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