About the working of Collabora Online without Internet

Hi all,
As per the need, I have to use Owncloud, integrated with Collabora Online over LAN, without Internet.
Could you guys please tell me whether,

  • Can this work over LAN only?
  • Will this provide various features of spreadsheets like real time collaboration, access control over
    columns etc.?
  • Which type of configuration it needs: using Docker or using Virtual Machine?
    Thanking you in advance.

According to the Wikipedia article, you can host your own instance which suggests to me that you should be able to use it on a LAN with no internet access.

If you are unable to obtain a more definitive answer here, you may want to ask the Collabora Online Community.


As for the configuration, Collabora Online can be set using either Docker Or Virtual Machine Both Options have their advantages and Considerations.


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