Absolute Noob Question About local storage

I want to make it so I can add local storage and I have enabled external storage but of course it doesn’t give the option for local. I know I need to add this to the config file files_external_allow_create_new_local’ => ‘true’,
But I am having trouble doing it, in the appliance I can login with root, but once I am there I don’t know all of the steps to add that to the config file. I have read through several different topics and people mention this but leave out all the steps, I would really appreciate if someone could fully break down what I need to enter into the appliance to enable local storage.

Thank you

Hey @webb64b,

please bear with me: This is ment as a friendly advice, not as an insult. But, if you don’t know how to edit files or even navigate to the file location, then you should not do tasks like this alone. There’s too much you can damage with root access.
Find someone who is experienced to do it with you or for you.

If you’re using the univention appliance, I’m not sure if you should check with them how you can do it.

As far as I know, ownCloud is installed within a docker container inside the appliance. Enabling the local storage would give you access to the FS within the container, which is pretty limited, and I’m quite convinced that it isn’t what you want.
You’d need to mount a docker volume somehow (you’d need to check with univention how to do it properly) in order to get access to the appliance, and you might also need a shared folder between the appliance and the host if you want to access to the host. This seems too cumbersome to me.

I’d suggest you to use a different protocol (SFTP, SMB…) which should be easier to setup given the circumstances.

Thanks, i ended up using SMB.

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