Access denied to MariaDB. Somebody please shove me in the right direction

Installed macSierra -> Parallels For Mac 12 -> Ubuntu 16.04 -> owncloud-9.1.1-1.2
Not an upgrade. A clean install of Ubuntu 16.04 as a virtual machine & ownCloud 9.1

As documented in
Ubuntu_16.04 owncloud-9.1.1-1.2
sudo wget -nv -O Release.key
sudo apt-key add - < Release.key
sudo sh -c "echo 'deb /' > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/owncloud.list"
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install owncloud

"SQLite is the default database for ownCloud Server (it is not available and not supported in the ownCloud Enterprise edition), and it is good only for testing and lightweight single-user setups without client synchronization.

Supported databases are MySQL/MariaDB, Oracle 11g (ownCloud Enterprise edition only), and PostgreSQL. We recommend MySQL/MariaDB. Your database and PHP connectors must be installed before you run the Installation Wizard.

When you install ownCloud from packages all the necessary dependencies will be satisfied (see Manual Installation on Linux for a detailed listing of required and optional PHP modules)."

Because I installed ownCloud from the Ubuntu 16.04 packages (as detailed above), I kind of expected that MySql/Mariadb would be installed. When I "Finish setup" the first time, the message indicated there was NO database to connect to.

So I did sudo apt-get install mariadb-server.

Now I get SQLSTATE[HY000] Access denied for user "ocdbadmin"@'localhost'.

Do I file a bug for the Ubuntu 16_04 owncloud package? It does not install mariadb-server as documentation implies it will. oC recommends MariaDB and by using the package "all necessary dependencies will be satisfied".

Do I file a bug on the documentation? Since it does not say that mariadb-server should be manually installed before finishing setup. But implies that maybe manual install is required by saying "your database and PHP connectors must be installed before you run the Installation Wizard."

Is there something else going on here?

If somebody can push me in the right direction, I will file whatever would be an appropriate bug report.

Maybe you could even tell me what permissions are needed to resolve "access denied".

Thanking in advance whoever kind soul responds.


for the packages or documentation no issue is needed as sqlite3 is still the default database used for ownCloud. Furthermore there is no note in your quoted documentation that mysql / mariadb will be installed by default.

Additionally ownCloud or the packages can't decide for an admin if he wants to use SQLite, MariaDB/MySQL or PostgreSQL. To solve this the packages would need to install all three databases which can't be done.

Finally the packages have a recommendation to mysql-server, mariadb-server or postgresql which shows you alternative packages which you could but don't need to install. An admin should be able to handle such recommendations from my PoV. Furthermore recommended packages are normally installed by default in a standard environment.

For the other topic please create a new thread as mixing different issues in one thread is highly discouraged for the reasons explained here:

Thank you for your quick response. Somehow it did not occur to me that I included 2 separate issues. I thank you for your guidance.

Using what you have said, I would like to propose an update to the 9.1 Admin manual to clarify that SQLite is default and will be installed. And to add to the recommendation of using the MySQL/MaraiDB that this should be manually done before trying to complete set up. And then, maybe, a resolution to access denied if encountered?

Basically I will write a proposed update to "Data Choice" on the page.

But then what?

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you can request additions / changes to the documentation at:

(Such stuff gets most likely lost in here.) Contributions from users like you to clarify stuff like this are always welcome to make the documentation more clear.

If you want to contribute there you can create a PR there for discussion.