ACCESS ERROR: Unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500

I had owncloud V9.1.4 running happily for a while then suddenly today when I try to access the site I get the following error on an otherwise blank page.

This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.

I managed to access the log file and nothing is recorded.

Obviously something has changed - and I have done nothing to make any changes on the server (shared host).

Can anyone suggest what may have happened or where I should start to look for a solution.

Apparently there is a problem at the host - they reset the php version and it broke the installation.
They are resetting again to correct the issue.

Hi pewe.
"500" is an internal server error.
Have You checked the apache error logs at "/var/log/apache/error.log" ?
at least in there the error must be recorded. usually with a more speaking line, where the errror occoured.

Has the hosting update solved the issue, meanwhile?


Thanks @inoculator

I had a response from the host who said it was a php version error and they reset it. The package then came back - but I still have issues which I have not had before with OC.

To get to the bottom of it I have decided to setup a sub domain on my hosting account, install OC on this from scratch and try to determine what the problem is step by step.

I will create a new thread here to address the issues one at a time as the installation progresses.

I will post a link here for the new thread once I start it.