Access owncloud server from two addresses

Since I changed ISP's my new one won't route my external IP back into my network like the old one. So I need to be able to access owncloud by two different IP's, one being my external and one being my internal.
My external is

However when I try to access by my internal IP for example I get the message to add as a trusted domain and I do so but it redirects to the external and then can't access it again. Can I prevent the redirect from the IP the name, looking at the config I see its not adding the trusted IP.


I don't understand the redirection. How is the redirection forced?

Try to edit the config file:

 'trusted_domains' => 
  array (
    0 => '',
    1 => '',

Configure static dns in your internal dns server. That way resolves to internal ip (i.e. ) when your client device is connected locally, and public ip when your client is offsite.
If your router does not have a build in dns server, or lack the ability to configure static dns entries, you could install a dns server service on your owncloud server, and configure your routers dhcp to provide the owncloud server ip as dns server.
And make sure your clients are set to receive dns server with dhcp.

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