Access to files in subfolders for particular users


In my owncloud I created under admin catalogue that was shared for users (with full access).
So, all users can work with the one share catalogue (Folder).

For example:

user admin -> "Folder" (full access for user1, user2, user3). All users have full access to all folders inside "Folder"

My question: Can I make following scheme of access:

user admin -> "Folder" (full access for user1, user2, user3)
( user1 -> create "Private Folder" with full access only for user2)

Inside "Folder" user 1 create own "Private Folder" and make access only for user2

Sorry for my English, I hope someone will understand my message :slight_smile:

  1. "Folder" belongs to admin, so all subfolders will also belong to admin, so technically a different user can't create a private folder without giving admin access to it.
  2. The current sharing model doesn't allow different sharing permissions for subfolders. User1 can create private folders in his personal folder and share it with whoever they like.
  3. ownCloud itself does not provide a more detailed permission setting but you can use the external storage feature to realize that. You could for example use SFTP, each user add external SFTP storage and on this SFTP storage you can use Linux permissions (in combination with ACL you are very flexible).

Thank you for the asnwer ! I will try.