Access to Owncloud behind/outside of router [no NAT-loopback]

I run Owncloud on RPI. I would like to access my files from my phone and laptop, at home and outside. My router doesnt have NAT-loopback option, so right now I have to change ip every time I go out.

Is there any simple sollution for my problem? Apart from buying a new router, of course. Any suggestion will be appreciated.

May be some kind of 'ping-ping' server to bounce me of it (so it looks like I am accesing files always form outside of my network). Just a suggestion, I am quite new to this,

Did you find a solution, i have a similar probleme.

Not really. Temporary sollution I used:
I have set up RPI to be my DHCP server (pi-hole) and forced DNS server to direct my custom domain to internal IP of RPI. This way traffic from 4G transalates my domain to my external IP and traffic from LAN translates my domain to my internal RPI IP.

Sounds like a great solution to me. Congrats :slight_smile: