Access to Owncloud of from Internet, but not from LAN


I host an OC on a small home Nginx server, HTTPS is handled with a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate and the server is accessible from internet with no problem. When accessed from my router's LAN, things are different: network-wise, the host is accessible (e.g. I can SSH onto it), but the HTTPS server gives a "Échec de la connexion sécurisée" (Failure of secure connection) message. I guess there's something with Nginx or with the SSL certificate, but... what?

Any clue/idea would be great, thanks in advance!

I guess when you're accessing to your server from the internet, you're accessing to or something along those lines. The HTTPS certificate should be matching that "" server in this case, so the web browser can verify the certificate.
When you're accessing from LAN, I guess you're accessing via IP or maybe a different name to the server, so probably the HTTPS certificate can be properly validated because the certificate is for the "" server but not for or "" server.


It appears my diagnosis was false: in fact HTTPS has nothing to do with it. My problem was due to GeoIP filtering on Nginx, that prevented the server from answering to requests coming from local IP addresses. My bad... :slight_smile:

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