Accessing Owncloud 8 Data from Owncloud 9

Hi. I had been operating Owncloud 8 on our server for about six months, and I have a database for it on an external USB drive that my system recognizes as /data. Owncloud and the database are both on /data on the external drive. There is a directory in /data called owncloud_data, which has my old Owncloud data. I have installed the current version of Owncloud 9 on CENTOS 7. I've gotten all the way to the Owncloud initial administrative interface at localhost.

I'm trying to get my new Owncloud installation to recognize my old data. I think I need to do two things: have the new Owncloud recognize the external drive, and get permission to read owncloud_data on that drive. I tried moving my old config.php file to the new Owncloud config directory and that didn't work so I started over and reinstalled the new Owncloud, so that currently has the default config.sys.

I set up Maria/MySql in connection with the new Owncloud 9 installation, and I had used that before with Owncloud 8.

As I say, I think I need to deal with the external drive and the permissioning of the old database, currently at /data/owncloud_data, which is on an external USB drive.

Can anyone help me with these final steps?

Thank you. Ron

You can integrate the old folder as external storage and use it. The new setup will then index everything in the database but you won't have sharing information or meta data (comments, tags). You can't just merge the old database into it. Other way is to use federated cloud sharing so you keep both instances up and then copy the files to your new setup.

Thank you. I think I need basic Linux CentOS 7 help with permissioning of the old database.