Accessing owncloud with IOS



I just installed my first owncloud server. I installed the ios app. Do I need to port forward for the owncloud server? if so what ports? Where do I find the web address to point the app?
Do I enter https;//my_public_ip_address/owncloud ?

Also I read that I need to enable the app for external storage support but I do not see that app available.


Many questions you have :slight_smile:

Have you tried just connecting via ip/owncloud?

The external storage app is already enabled. If you have special external storage though, you need to enable the corresponding app.


Hello, Yes,

I have tried https://my_static_public_ipaddress/ownlcloud

“Not found. Please make sure it exists”.


Hard to understand the question but for me i enter my server.domain


When setting up the app it asks for the address of the owncloud server. Do I need to forward ports on the firewall for owncloud? I receive the error that the server does not exist.


Try without firewall to make sure the installation went well. Then you can figure out by googling which ports need to be accessed. If your installation went bad, no port redirection will help you.


Hello, let me rephrase the question

The server is installed on a vmware server and everything works fine here on the local network. How do I access the owncloud server from the mobile app or from any computer outside of the local lan. The format
returns the error server does not exist. I can not bypass the hardware firewall for this server.


well then you need to enable the rules that open the ports 80 for http and 443 for https to access your server outside our lan. You also need an public ip address or a domain name.

Sorry if I did not understood your question.