Accidentally deleted signature.json


I have accidentally deleted the signature.json from the /core/ folder. Is there a way to create a new one?

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i think you could download the .zip or .tar.bzw tarball from Download Server Packages - ownCloud for the version in use and extract the signature.json from that tarball.

Thanks for your reply! Already tried it but it doesn’t work. Now, instead of complaining about not having the signature.json it complains about almost every file present in the /core/ folder.


have you make sure that you have used the correct install archive matching your version (e.g. 10.7.0, 10.8.0)? Maybe you also had used the “Minimal server package” or an installation from a repository where the signature.json differs (maybe the signature.json differs between all variants)?

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I can confirm signature.json is different when you either choose the minimal package or the complete bundle, even when the version is the same

If you cannot tell for sure, which exact package you had installed, you may delete all files and directories in your document root (except apps-external, config and data) and replace it with an extracted package. Make sure all the files are readable by your webserver user.

Thank you tom24 and cortho for replying.

Indeed, the signature.json in the /core/ folder differs between the minimal and complete packages even for the same version; I was able to fix it by downloading both packages and see which one is the correct file :slight_smile:

Good to know that signatures differ between the two types of packages on the same version though.

Once again thank you!

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