Activate a theme

trying to install a theme. I have downloaded the example from GitHub, renamed the theme. updated the info.xml file to the new theme name. the new theme is placed in the custom app folder as defined in the config file.

  • but nothing shows up in the admin side to activate or turn on the theme. Am I missing something? I followed all directions, double checked. How to activate or turn on the theme?


The name of the folder and the name inside the info.xml need to be exactly the same as far as I know.

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In addition to eneubauer’s comment:

  • It could be a permission problem as well, make sure your theme directory is readable by your www-user.

  • Be very conservative with your theme ID (=directory name). I’d recommend to only use the syntax
    Use lowercase characters only and do not use any special characters.
    I also ran into issues when the name was too long, so keep it short
    I didn’t dig into the code, but from the past I know that e.g. underscore characters in the theme ID will prevent it from being enabled. Just use theme-simpleletters