Activtiy App customization

Hello Everyone,

I need to configure my Activity App to send custom emails. My company needs to send a specfic message in German and with additional company specfic information every time a file is shared with a user.

Any hints on how I can modfiy the tempaltes used by the activity app ?

Thank you!

Hi mkhalil77,

this is accomplished by creating a theme. I’d suggest to use the example theme (direct link to the zip:

There you can remove the core folder, instead create the directory /apps/activity/templates and copy the files email.notification.php and html.notification.php from the activity app.

Make your customization, copy your theme to your apps directory and enable it. Make sure the theme directory is readable by your www user.

Also, there are some limits with the theme identifier, see this post: Activate a theme

Thank you for your response.

My understanding from the documentation is that the theme is used to configure the mails sent by default from OwnCloud.

Does this apply as well to the mails from the Activity app? Are they using the same templates?

Thank you

Theming is not restricted to ownCloud core, by creating the directory /apps/activity/templates you override the activity app templates.