Activtiy App Mail customization (translation)


we use Owncloud version 10.0.10 on the qnep. It is therefore difficult to update to the latest version.

We are currently updating the Activity Notifciation Mail Template. We have found the correct template under the path “_data/apps/activity/templates/html.notification.php”. Below is the code with which these activities are generated:

<?php foreach ($_['activities'] as $activityData) {​​​​
		<?php print_unescaped($l->t('%1$s - %2$s', $activityData)); ?>
	}​​​​ ?>

The mail that the user receives looks like this:

Hello User,

You are receiving this email because the following things happened at ownCloud

* User shared with you - Today at...
* User shared with you - Today at...

We would now like to translate the activities into another language (German). Unfortunately we can’t find the place in the code where this text is generated. Also in the l10n files we do not find it.

In which file can we customize and translate this text?

Thank you and best regards

Hi Nick,

I searched the forum for “activity” and found this post:



Thanks for your answer. I have already seen this topic. Unfortunately it does not answer my question how the code creates the “shared” or “with you”. I can’t find these texts in the l10n files either.

This is already be done by the activity app.

In my installation the claimed texts are present in the l10 folder. So when I open eg apps/activity/l10n/de.js I find the line
"You are receiving this email because the following things happened at %s" : "Du erhältst diese E-Mail, weil folgendes auf %s geschehen ist",

Since in your post the above text is in English, I guess users who receive this email had set English as their language. In this case revise the concerned users’ language settings.