Add new superadmin and remove old one with admin name from admin group


Situation: I have default admin user with admin group, how could I create new superadmin, add him to admin group and remove “old” admin from admin group?

(Reason: my admin has huge mount of files and now i need get access to all of them to another users, but i dont wanna share or move all files to another user and share there. I understand that was awful decision to upload all files to admin from the begining but how can I get out of this situation)

Hope somebody will help me



can you still log in as the old admin?

If yes - you can create a local user, add him to the admin group and delete the old one. I don’t see the issue here, but maybe I am missing something.


Hi! thanks for answer
1)can the super admin remove another super admin?
2)and i dont wanna remove old one, i just need to skip his admin group he became an ordinary user


there is no super admin. the administrator of ownCloud is a local user in the admin group. if the user is in the admin group he has admin privileges.

Like any local users in ownCloud - you can remove them.


from docs “ownCloud has two types of administrators: Super Administrators and Group Administrators”

But yes, when i created another admin then I was able to remove the rights of old admin make him like usual user with admin nickname!