Add the full name when create a new user

Is there any way to add the field of Full name on the new user creation?

Currently, there are only the username, password and email address. and then After creation, we need to edit the full name and change it. Is there any way to add the full name when the admin is creating the user?
The reason is that when there are 100 users and you create a new user , you have to go and look for the user or search for the user.

Hi mohsen,

In your case it might be more comfortable to add users via command line, see the occ documentation

Alternatively there is the provisioning api and which might come in more handy than a shell command, depending on your requirements.


Thanks Cortho for your message. What I mean by my request was to be able to add Full name when we add the new user.

How to add and connect the Full name to the database?

This is obviously not possible. Create the users with the methods I suggested or scroll down in the user interface like you did before.

Edit: You can of course create your own app which overrides the user interface. See the docs:

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