Add to Your OwnCloud, Can we put autofill for the URL

Hi, as for Add To Your OwnCloud, can we put autofill for the server url that we need to enter?


I think you got the documentation wrong. Have a look at, there it reads

The Add to your ownCloud button changes to a form field, and your recipient needs to enter the URL of their ownCloud server in this field and press the return key, or click the arrow.

It ist never deterministic to which server the share should be added, so your intensions would not work.


Does this means that i cant do any customization for autofill owncloud server name to field?

As far as i know, there is no other way to do autofill the owncloud server url…sorry for that :slight_smile:


Of course you can implement an auto fill, A basic ownCloud app with some JavaScript would do the trick.

However, I do not see a use case for this, unless you have got a setup where there are only two ownCloud instances where you want to simplify sharing between those two.

Since you did not elaborate on what you are trying to achieve, we cannot guess which solution would fit for you.