Adding service provider

How should we proceed to add a service provider? Have things changed lately? :slight_smile:

Hi @fossxplorer,
Can you perhaps explain in a little more detail what you’re trying to achieve? Do you mean service provider in an SSO context? If yes are you using SAML or OIDC?

Additionally you opened a topic in the server category, it is required for you to fill out the template shown to you while creating the topic, in order to get any meaningful replies.

Yeah, it is probably in wrong section. Please feel free to move it to a more appropriate sub section of the forum :slight_smile:

I was looking for a guide on how to add a provider to ownCloud community service provider list [1] (which i realize now is called " hosting partners").
If i remember correctly, previously it was through pull requests, but i am not sure as i could not find any hint at the website content repo at [2]


Thanks for clarifying, I have reached out to the responsible people at ownCloud, hopefully they’ll give me an update on how it works soon.

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