Adding sync with existing files


This isn’t a bug but rather a question. I have a client with a Macbook who does pretty much all her work on it (and has 50GB+ of data). She owns the business and there is a Windows file server on the network. I have setup an ownCloud server with an NFS-mounted directory from the Windows Server as the “data” location.

From a previous sync client i tried with her, I do have all her files on the Windows server and on Thursday I will be installing the ownCloud client on her Macbook and setting her folders to sync.

My question is this: what will happen when the ownCloud client connects and finds all those files existing under my client’s OC account? Will it be able to determine they are the same files and not (re-)sync them all (and just sync any files she has added/removed/modified since these were sync’d a while ago), or could it possibly create duplicates?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You should find that the client will compare and only download/upload the differences.