Address Book/Calendar with Thunderbird, SoGo alternative maybe

I have been having a problem with SoGo, basicaly when I enable it with Thuderbird I am no longer able to add contacts to addrss book:

This is how I tested/how to reproduce porblem:

I did a fresh install vof thunderbird 52.2.1.
I added a IMAP email account.
I then right clicked on one of the email addresses and selected 'Add to Address Book'.
A gold star apeared by the address and it was added to the address book
I and istalled the SoGo conector/Integrator (31.0.5)
I tried adding an address and it did not work (no error, just did nothing)
I disabled the conectory and can add addresses agsin.

I also tried 31.0.4 and it does not work.

CardBook ( has been medioned as an alternative but I also need to sync calinders. Any Sugestions?


PS I have been told SoGo is not an acrtive project any more, real shame.

I'm using Inverse SOGo Connector 31.0.1 with Thunderbird 52.2.1 (on Linux) without any problem. So I guess, your problem is related to your server configuration.

No problem so far, the tool does what was intended.

Thunderbird can sync calendars already, can't it? Sogo Connector is for contacts/addressbooks, while Lightning handles calendars. And Lightning is basically bundled. So don't stress about that.

I have other issues with Sogo Connector. For example, it won't sync more than two email addresses per contact. That's really frustrating, since it's not uncommon to have multiple email addresses.

I hadn't heard of Cardbook, I'll check that out! (Though it has several people complaining that it's stopped working after an update.)

Hey @funkytwig, I've disabled Sogo Connector and set up Cardbook, and Cardbook is working perfectly :slight_smile:

I'm connected to Nextcloud rather than ownCloud, but it should work just fine for you, too.

The first run wants to import your contacts from your existing Thunderbird addressbooks. I did this, but later deleted them from Cardbook (they're static, not synchronised). I even deleted my existing (Sogo sync'd) addressbooks to ensure I was only using whatever Cardbook provided. I created a new Cardbook remote addressbook using the link provided under "ShowURL" in Contacts in Next/ownCloud.

It synchronised way quicker than Sogo Connector ever did, and better yet, it sync'd all the email addresses for a contact, not just the first two! You also have extra options about sorting and displaying contacts that you don't have via Sogo sync'd addressbooks. Actually, I think the Thunderbird devs should incorporate Cardbook by default (like they do with Lightning). Cardbook is a way better addressbook system, way better than the limited 90's style addressbooks Thunderbird has now.

Calendars are still just fine, syncing via Lightning.

There were a few reviews in Cardbooks addons page that were quite critical, claiming it doesn't work. I get the impression there was a bug in a previous version (possibly 21.5), but the current version is 21.8 and it's working perfectly with Thunderbird 52.2.1.

I hope this helps, and gives you the confidence to try it out.

Good luck, Ben!

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@DarkSteve Thanks for pointing to Cardbook. Even if SOGo Connector was still working for me, I replaced it with Cardbook for now. Really great add-on!

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Thunderbird can sync calendars out of the box. For contacts I uses a long time SoGo, actually I use the addon cardbook. Works perfect.