Admin user can't login: internal server error


We’ve been using OwnCloud for a few years, and it has been working perfectly. But this afternoon it looks like there’s been a showstopping bug. The admin user can’t seem to login anymore. The browser just displays an “Internal Server Error”, with no more details.

Our installation runs on a dedicated server with Oracle Linux 7 and PHP 7. It’s a manual installation (no Docker) described in our tech blog here:

The current version is 10.8.0 (we’re a bit behind on updates).

Services like httpd, mariadb and php-fpm seem to run fine. Before attempting to debug this thing haphazardly, any suggestions on where I should start to look first ?

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PS: after further investigation, the problem seems to affect only the admin user. All “mere mortal” users can login correctly and use OwnCloud.

I guess the admin account might be corrupted in some manner.

In such cases, the owncloud.log usually contains more in depth info regarding the cause.

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I just took a peek in owncloud.log. It’s a 250 MB file that contains unreadable gibberish.

Did you think about setting up log rotate?

Nevertheless, you’ll have to examine it, if you want to find the cause.

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If it says “Internal Server Error” you will probably be more lucky in the error.log file of your web server, for example /var/log/apache2/error.log if you use apache (but note that the path can be different).

Maybe you got some PHP update that broke something or similar. You will find that in the error log I am sure.

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