Administrator can't make changes


I have set Owncloud 10.0.7 on Centos7 with, php 7.1, Apache server and MySQL 5.6.40.
Admin can create users, rename them, change the password, create groups, insert users to groups. But when do some changes they don’t be saved. Can’t set quota per user, can’t set default quota, can’t change cron fro Ajax to Webcron etc. When i make these changes and hit refresh or go to another page, the changes return to the previous situation. I think this is admin permission issue, but i can’t find which permissions to change.

Hey, ownCloud 10.0.7 is quite outdated (10.0.9) is current so i would first update to this newer version.

Hello again!

i updated Owncloud to 10.0.9 but the problem remains. Any thoughts?
i have tried many things, changing permissions, changing conf files but there is no result.


could it be possible that for example your web server is blocking the requests done by the browser to save the data and thus the information on the changes is never arriving at the backend of ownCloud?

Maybe some logfiles like the one of your browser, the one of your web server or the owncloud.log gives you some pointers into which direction to look at?

i will check this!
For the moment i have set quota for all users through cli, because as i said it doesn’t save my changes on web interface.
But i want to set different storage quotas for some users and i am working on it.
Thanks for your response and i will come back with hopefully with good news!

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