Adroid 6.0.1 Client Intant Uploads Not Working

Please help us by providing the following info.

Steps to reproduce
1. Change Camera Folder to /storage/000-000/DCIM/Camera
[folder where photos are stored on Note 7 sdcard]
2. Take a photo

Expected behaviour
Upload to owncloud /InstantUpload

Actual behaviour

Mobile client configuration
Client OS (Verizon Note 7, Android 6.0.1):
Client version: 2.1.1

Server configuration
Operating system: FreeBSD
Web server: nginx
Database: MySQL
PHP version: 5.6.19
ownCloud version ownCloud 8.2.7 (stable)
Updated from an older ownCloud:

Special configurations (external sdcard)


if something is not working as expected in that app please always report it directly to the app developer at:

There you also might find some existing bugreports.


From @davivel:

Hi, everybody.

The underlying implementation of instant uploads has changed to try to support more devices and camera apps, including Android 7.

As an undesired side effect, you need to access the app settings and select the location where your camera app stores the pictures and videos in a new option called "Camera folder". The default value corresponds to the default location for Google Camera app (and others), but might not be yours.

Please, try to set this folder and tell us if the pictures are still not captured.

Same issues as it used to work before, but now, under settign, I can't browse to the camera folder location anymore.
The location used to be as follow:

I can access /storage/emulated/ but I cannot see any folders anymore.
Owncloud App is reporting the following message:
"There are no folders in this folder."

If I use the file manager, it does show the content of the folder. I do find it takes longer than usual for it to display it's content and I would not be surprised if Google would not have messed something up with their update.

Just follow the previous linked post where you can see that the app developer is already preparing a fix for this. I'm closing here as the app developer knows the issue and anything else should be discussed in

This should be fixed now with todays release of 2.1.2:

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