Adroid Client for 8.0.4

I have an existing older Qnap Nas still running own_cloud 8.0.4 server.
The internal internal apps supplied the server a while back.
Due to the age and max rev. supported of the QNAP-TS212 I cannot upgrade this unit.
(we will replace it later…)
For now, the server is running but I cannot find the older android and desktop clients?

Do you know where to find them?

Check here:

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Thanks for the suggestion.
I have it downloaded.
I could not find it at first, but after swiping downward on the app it updated and I could select previous versions.

Now what desktop version do I need, and any clue where to get it?

Latest desktop version should work okay, only shows the warning. Otherwise you’d need to go back to 2.4.3 version:

Download older versions:

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Thanks for the fast reply.